Your Monthly Good News, November 2014

There’s a problem with your everyday media: It is fed and nurtured by bad news, by misery, wars, crises, catastrophes. To make matters worse, journalists seem to think that their only task is to be critical about pretty much everything, leading to a depiction of politics and everyday life as disgraceful and appalling. Therefore most people believe that everything goes down the drain.
But hidden in the latter parts of magazines and newspapers, tucked away in nameless afternoon TV shows, you sometimes find news noone prepares you for: There’s more democracies now than there have ever been, you learn. Extreme poverty fell by 500 million people in the last 30 years. These are the rare occasions when good news gets so big that not even your everyday media can keep quiet about it. In our column Your Monthly Good News, we provide you with good news from the corner of the media machine, news that might give you a reason to be as optimistic as we are about the state and future of the world.

This is only the news we have noticed. If you come across something, a report, a short note, whatever, please just send us the link via and we’ll include it in our next collection.

November’s Best News

The best news I have seen this month comes from the small German town of Goslar. Towns like Goslar have generally not really been the seedbed of good news in the past decades: people all over Germany – or indeed, all over the world – are moving to bigger cities, leaving Goslar and places like it depopulated and empty. Flats stand vacant, houses are torn down, economies shrink.

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